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Iterating on a Real Estate investor tool to improve mobile commerce 

The Background: Geo point Data redesigned their real estate leads sales tool focused on increasing sales. The tool was built for desktop and adapted to mobile. The mobile experience was converting poorly. A redesign of the product experience was needed.

Role: Contract Product Designer

Skills Leveraged: UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design

Deliverables: High Fidelity prototype for development

Diagnosing the problem

Active users speaking with their feet: the mobile web app needed improvements

Existing mobile design from previous graceful degradation of desktop site. Anayltics brought to our attention issues with the mobile design.

Defining the problem for stakeholders

The situation: Mobile e-commerce rate was performing poorly in comparison to desktop interactions. Mobile users were not completing transactions.

The Analytics: Mobile users stay on the site for only 1 minute compared to 4 minutes on desktop. A redesign is in order to address pain points.

User Pain Point: Cities selections are difficult to enter and read on mobile. Scrolling was needed for user to refresh available leads based on location preference entered.

Interactive prototype of proposed redesign

Design solutions to solve pain points: Use sliding sections to make available data easier to browse. Make “refresh available leads” a fixed element on the screen.

Retriving leads can take up to a minute, use animation and microcopy to explain the technical limitation.

The Goals: OIterate on the mobile design with a goals in mind:

  • 10x Ecommerce conversion from 0.15% to 1.5% through easy to use design
  • Create an easier to use experience to improve brand perception. Create a positive experience that encourages users to come back, play with the tool, experimenting with available leads for additional markets.
  • Reduce mobile bounce rate from 64% to under 50%

Mid-fidelity Mockups

Bringing the pencils sketches to life: When the interactive pencil sketches were approved, the next level of fidelity was needed to bring the designs to life.

From shipping software to crafting experiences, I've been around the block

Here are some stories and case studies from my design experience:

A health tech platform that optimizes test kit delivery

My product design journey improving the  the portal experience for patients and practitioners—driving results for end users.

A tool to help customers select an Airstream model to fit their camp style

My journey through camper research, customer interviews, and leading the product design for a tool designed to increase consumer confidence.

A gesture controlled experience where you fly like a bird for a chance to win a trip to Florida

My creative journey designing a game using user gestures to propel a bird through a journey from Chicago to Florida.

Auditing a real estate data Saas product to improve ecommerce

Improving an ecommerce user experience for a real estate data provider.

Mobile app and experience projects

A review of screen captures for a few mobile interaction design products that lead into comprehensive product design case studies.

Optimizing the product experience for a global auto parts brand

I was leading a rebrand of the 90 year old automotive brand and undertaking the direction of the desktop and mobile website redesign to achieve business and partnership goals.

Changing the way a global hospitality company creates interactive proposals

I brought to life a business pitch and proposal with interactive elements, sounds, videos and immersive experience that helped my client tell their story in a memorable way.

A pop up home experience that brings energy saving products to life

A case study that walks  through the planning, design and execution for the traveling mobile exhibit that packs in four rooms of a household into a carefully designed, 5x5 foot space.

A dynamic website design to showcase an experiential agency's digital capabilities

Working with Monster Media to reposition their digital, experiential and social media offerings to a diverse lineup of clients.

Designing a web3 platform to enable user access environmental conservation initiatives

Conserve Wildly is a mobile app platform designed to make it easy for allow citizens to vote on local conservation protection measures and proposals.

Matching volunteer's talents with dog rescues that need their help

The Rescue Dogz app is a platform connecting skilled volunteers with nearby dog rescues that need their help.

Creating a buzz for a rebranded grocery chain in Florida

I interviewed customers in preparation for learning how to create an appropriate and immersive experience that celebrates Hispanic culture

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