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Keynote Presentation Designer

Let’s design a keynote presentation that will get the buy-in you need.

We use brand design principles to help you create and launch brands from scratch and through rebranding. We help plan, develop a strategy, guidelines and presentation of brand in context for clients, stakeholders and core audience.

Branding is the process of developing a company’s brand, including name, identity system and messaging platform. These aspects encompass the “brand message”, applied to marketing campaigns. We allow you to add value to your product or service through branding, where other organizations race to the bottom by cutting corners and producing the cheapest product. You’ll gain a competitive advantage by a coherent and recognizable brand that will speak to your audience.

During the design process, Morse Design learns about the brand you are creating, your goals and objectives as well as what your competition is doing. We create moodboards, contextual brand presentation that demonstrates the how your audience is surrounded by you brand at various points of their customer journey.

Morse Design is experienced with creating exciting trademarked brands that inspire your audience and meet your business needs.


    We have experience creating successful presentation for various brands.

    We work with individuals, small business and corporations to aid them in their design process:

    • Corporations looking to create memorable brands for new products and services.
    • Marketers looking to get buy in from their stakeholders through easy to understand brand plans.
    • Organizations who need to communicate complex brand concepts quickly to their stakeholders.

    Examples of Brand Design Presentation

    Graphic identities design by Alexander Morse. Work performed for various agencies.

    “I 100% without question recommend Alex if you are starting a new business, or re-branding and old company and need a creative direction. His attention to detail when listening and understanding your business is truly wonderful. He is able to capture your passion in your business and create an identity for your business that speaks to volumes. ”

    Scott Cvetkovski, M.S.
    Founder, Positive Sports Leadership