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Figma Designer

Morse Design will create an extensible design system in Figma

Morse Design can leverage Figma’s robust features to streamline the UX/UI design process and deliver exceptional results for their clients. By utilizing Figma’s collaborative capabilities, Morse Design can involve stakeholders and clients in real-time design collaboration, ensuring alignment and transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Figma’s versatile interface allows designers at Morse to create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs all within the same platform, fostering an efficient workflow

Morse Design has worked with brands in health tech, wellness and beyond. We will help you achieve an intimate connection with your users.

Morse Design is experienced with creating design systems that meet the needs of your organization.

Examples of Figma Designs

Graphic identities designed by Alexander Morse. Work performed for various agencies.

Let’s discuss the goals of your healthcare brand and how Morse Design can effectively help you communicate to your audience and improve the value of your business.

Alex designed software platforms and website experiences for MosaicDX that keep the user always in focus—improving the experience through a user-centered design process—based on research, observation, analytics, insights and meeting business goals amidst shifting priorities. Alex worked with the MosaicDX team across multiple verticals and during the challenges of a rebrand to boot. Alex navigated the shifting product focus, business challenges, variety of communication needs and helping improve users interactions across the portal and website. Alex communicated the business and user needs to the development team through articulating the functions and features of the website and portal, demonstrated by UX/UI design and documentation that helped align the Dev team to business needs within sprints.

Natalie Lesieur-Molak

VP of Marketing at Mosaic