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Designing a platform to get medical test kits in the hands of patients

The Task: Mosaic needed to design a platform from the ground up to make it easy for medical practitioners to deploy kits to patients to measure blood, amino acids and other diagnostic tests to measure environmental health factors within a doctor’s practice.

Demographics: We focused on multiple audiences: existing practitioners with their patients that the company had relationships with and new practitioners and patients.

Role: Senior Product Designer & Product Management

Skills Leveraged: Early Product Scoping, UX/UI Design, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Features Documentation, Developer Handoffs, eLearning, Stakeholder Presentations

Deliverables: Practitioner portal, patient portal, web app software design, public website UX/UI design, usability training.


Our primary research method is conducting user interviews to gain insights from patients and practitioners during the discovery process to measure our value risk if users would choose to use our MVP platform.

Later research in the iteration process involved interviewing our call center professionals to assess trends from user pain points who were not able to complete the onboarding process or kit orders. 


Pain Point: In the previous web app, test kits were disjointed and hard to find. Interactivity with the cart and changing quantities was difficult. Practitioners were confusing kits and tests.

The Challenge: Our team was solving user experience pain points for a new web based software platform. While iterating on wireframes in order to meet our development deadline we needed to begin UI design and build a corporate design system for the platform while designing assets for the UI while the new brand was simultaneously being created by the marketing team.



I maintained and iterated Practitioner Portal, Patient Portal, and Marketing Website. These pixel perfect prototypes we used to test with Reference Customers to detail further UX insights. Additionally stakeholders from across verticals used these prototypes to align on.   

Patient Portal User Flow

Test Catalog Wireframes

My Role: Wireframes to Mockups

Wireframes are used to quickly iterate on features from discovery research gathering. Post MVP wireframes, I focused on creating a robust and dynamic design system and interaction designs to bring the user interface to life.

From MVP to iterative sprints
After launch, upon further consulting with active users we discovered we needed to create value added messaging to help guide pracititioners through the kit ordering process. We added microcopy messaging to aid in this process.


Typographic style guide

Color Treatments

Buttons (Static / Hover / Press)

Practictioner Portal / Patient Portal Components

Public Website Components

Public Website Components Continued



Due to the stakes and sensitive nature of this transition with live and active customers it was important for Mosaic on ensure a smooth transition and onboarding.

The Challenge: We created a series of 12 training videos for staff, practitioners, and patients to learn how to order a test kit to sign up for an account. This was all happening while iterating on the second sprint after the MVP. I created animated Figma mockups to simulate experiences on the website.


We implement a progressive onboarding approach with our core reference customers, where users are introduced to features gradually. Measure user engagement and and quantitatively assessed time on task to determining improvements for tasks such as adding multiple products to the cart at once. This process ensured a smooth progression of new features for our core audience.

On the marketing website we iterated the placement of buttons to commonly accessed items based on analysing patterns in heatmap engagement.


Why working on this project was fulfilling: 

I was able to work with a great team building this software to serve the vital health communications of practitioners patients. l was able, iterate and improve to serve the needs of our users. I honed my Figma technical skills in creating a design system, and master the ability to make swappable, the interaction components to allow the system to be iterated over the next few years.  

Additionally, I was able to work with a talented team of product designers and brand designers for the purpose of making health practitioners jobs easier and ultimately helping ill patients who are already having a difficult time, have a more effective experience with our software. 

From shipping software to crafting experiences, I've been around the block

Here are some stories and case studies from my design experience:

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