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Fresco y Mas needed to create experiential buzz behind the repositioning of the Winn Dixie grocery chain into the new brand. My team was tasked with ideating and creating moonshot concepts to create excitement surrounding the brand launch.

In Person Interviews and Research: I conducted onsite user interviews at a Fresco y Mas store grand opening in Miami, Florida. I learned user preferences for preferred Cuban food and insights into types of events that would excite them to attend. We used these insights to inform the event themes for our experiential trailer.

Pain Point: Current Winn Dixie stores to not prominently stock or display the grocery items the communities of South Florida know and love. 

Ideation: Through a schedule of experiential events to raise awareness of a Winn Dixie rebrand to Fresco y Mas customers change their perception of the grocer. 




Much like the store itself, the goal of the experience initiative was to introduce the quality and authenticity of the shopping experience without people needing to walk into the store. “We make it easy to make the latin dishes you love, and we understand latin heritage and can help you celebrate it”. The message was clear, the Winn Dixie went away but now the store in your neighborhood is authentic.

My Role: Based on my creative direction,  the team created a sharable and lively experience communicated in my renderings.

Social Media: We leveraged SnapChat filters on-site to enable visitors to digitally enjoy and share hispanic cuisine.


The Snapchat filter allowed all guests to enjoy hispanic cuisine and share it with their friends.


– Onsite Cuban coffee sampling
– Couponing and latin recipes to drive people to the store.
– A phone number collection campaign. “Text for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card”
– An on-site dance party
– A photo booth with props
– A snapchat activation

Guests can sample fresh Cuban bread in the pop up bakery.

The Fresco Fiesta features music, dance and food sampling.

Recipes and branded photo strip takeaways (left). On site photo booth allows guests to dress like they are the center of the party, and share the photo with their friends (right)

Floorplan selector screen captures (left and right)

THE DESIGN: Floorplan

  • Photo booth
  • Photo printer
  • MC dance station
  • Coffee sampling station

Research in depth: 

I performed primary research by conducting live interviews to learn insights directly from customers at a South Miami Fresco y Mas grand opening. 

From shipping software to crafting experiences, I've been around the block

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Creating a buzz for a rebranded grocery chain in Florida

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