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The Los Angeles Rams Football Club was hosting their new season in 2019 as a new team in the league. They wanted to make their stadium a place that brings together the best of the best of Los Angeles and create an unforgettable experience.


Present to the organization a concept for a futuristic look at food ordering. Make the food ordering experience innovative and fresh.



As the concept designer on the project, my initial task was to invent the concept and drawings for what could be a modern approach to food ordering. The input was to create a social experience. The focus of this presentation was to show how the concept could take shape.


Create a new paradigm for ordering food. Translucent digital panels as a secondary ordering system alternative to waiting in line. In high-traffic areas, these modern kiosks would give fans the option to interact with the panels without missing any of the game action. Menu suggestions would be made based on popularity, and culinary preferences. You could pay with Apple pay and the order would be brought to your seat. There could even be a social media component to highlight who is ordering what items.

Package design renderings showing the digital walls


I collaborated with the business development team as concept designer. I created the vision for the project and the form factors for presenting the ideas to the C-Suite executives at the Los Angeles Rams.


Create physical, dimensional representations of the digital concepts that will give the business executives a hands on understanding of the presentation.


A clear suitcase design. The intent was to recreate a small scale physical representation of the proposed digital experience. The suitcase opened in a bifurcated manner, revealing rows of replica digital screens containing menuboards, food photography, in-game photography and sponsor messages.


This package design contains an LED stadium light that turns on upon opening. The light illuminates replica tablets that represent phones for ordering food. The food contained within is part of the overall culinary experience proposal.

Package design renderings showing illuminated miniature stadium

User Experience Design Portfolio

A health tech platform that optimizes the delivery of test kits and results from practitioners to patients

A review of a product design process for health tech software platform and marketing website to optimize the portal experience for patients and practitioners.

Role: Senior Product Designer & Product Management (contract)

Skills Leveraged: Early Product Scoping, UX/UI Design, Design Systems, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Features Documentation, eLearning, Stakeholder Presentations

Deliverables: Practitioner portal, patient portal, web app software design, public website UX/UI design, usability training.

A tool to help customers choose the right Airstream model to best suit their camping preferences

A case study from my journey through camper research, customer interviews, and leading the product design for a tool designed to make buying an Airstream easier.

Role: Independent Product Designer

Skills Leveraged: Research, Product Design, Project Lead

Deliverables: Research, Pitch Presentation

A gesture controlled experience where you fly like a bird for a chance to win a trip to Florida

A case study carrying you through the creative journey of designing a game capturing human motion to propel the user like a bird through a third person journey from Chicago to Florida.

Role: Creative Director

Client: Monster Media

Skills Leveraged: Creative Direction, UI Design, Art Direction

Deliverables: UI Design and illustrations for large interactive display interfaces for airport installation

Auditing a real estate data Saas product to improve ecommerce

A real estate data reseller had poor performance on mobile ecommerce experience. I performed an analytics audit, discovered user usability issues, performed redesign recommendations.

Role: Contract Product Designer

Skills Leveraged: UX Research, Product Design, High Fidelity Mockups, Stakeholder Presentations

Deliverables: Presentation, redesign proposal for mobile product, engineer handoff

Mobile app and experience projects

A review of screen captures for a few mobile interaction design products that lead into comprehensive product design case studies.

Role: Independent Product Designer

Skills Leveraged: Interaction Design

Turning a stadium concessions contract proposal into an immersive interactive experience

I brought to life a business pitch and proposal with interactive elements, sounds, videos and immersive experience that helped my client tell their story in a memorable way.

Role: Digital Designer, Stakeholder Presentations

Client: Delaware North / Houston Astros

Skills Leveraged:  Interaction Designer, Creative Direction, Front End Developer, Animation

Deliverables:  Interactive design and coding installed on 20 executive iPads

Optimizing the product experience for a global auto parts brand

I was leading a rebrand of the 90 year old automotive brand and undertaking the direction of the desktop and mobile website redesign to achieve business and partnership goals.

Role: Team Lead, Creative Director

Client: TRICO Wiper Blades (automotive parts)

Skills Leveraged:  Website design, wireframing, information architecture, client presentations

Deliverables:  Global website and mobile app rollout for CMS

A pop up shop that brings energy saving products to life

A case study that walks  through the planning, design and execution for the traveling mobile exhibit that packs in four rooms of a household into a carefully designed, 5x5 foot space.

Role: Experience Designer

Client: National Grid

Skills Leveraged: Creative Direction, UI Design, Illustration

A dynamic website design to showcase an experiential agency's digital capabilities

Working with Monster Media to reposition their digital, experiential and social media offerings to a diverse lineup of clients.

Role: Business Strategy Alignment, Website Designer

Client: Monster Media

Skills Leveraged:  Information Architecture, Persona and Audiences, Website Design, Interaction Design

Designing a web3 platform to enable user access environmental conservation initiatives

Conserve Wildly is a mobile app platform designed to make it easy for allow citizens to vote on local conservation protection measures and proposals.

Role: Product Designer

Client: Startup

Skills Leveraged:  Concept design, Product Design, Research, User Testing

Deliverables:  iOS and android prototype

Matching volunteer's talents with dog rescues that need their help

The Rescue Dogz app is a platform connecting skilled volunteers with nearby dog rescues that need their help.

Role: Product Designer (startup spec)

Client: Self Launched Brand @ RescueDogz.io

Skills Leveraged:  Founder, Concept design, Product Design, Research, User Testing

Deliverables:  iOS and android prototype

Creating experiential buzz for a rebranded grocery chain in Florida

I interviewed customers in preparation for learning how to create an appropriate and immersive experience that celebrates Hispanic culture to promote the rebranding of Winn Dixie grocery stores to Fresco y Mas.

Role: Creative Director

Client: Fresco y Mas / Winn Dixie

Skills Leveraged:  Environmental Design, Creative Direction, Social Media Design, Experience Design

Airstream UX / UI

TRICO Wipers UX 

Digital Proposal

Interactive Game Design

Mobile Web Design