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Create a digital tool and brand experience appropriate for your audience

Morse Design specializes in creating user experiences for entrepreneurs and product teams that value smooth and accessible UX experiences and unique brand identity design that create a loyal user base.

Strategic brand identity combined with design thinking driven product design can help your product or service stand out and gain the attention it deserves. Whether your a new venture, or undergoing a product refresh, we have the design experience to improve your UX and brand.

User-centered design thinking

User-centered design

  • Research, personas driving insights
  • User flows and usability testing
  • Wireframes to High-fidelity prototypes
  • Kiosks, apps, websites and digital tools

Strategic brand identity

Cohesive brand identity

  • Graphic identity (logo)
  • Color system
  • Icons & graphics
  • Brand guidelines

Concept Design

Elevate your idea into a visualized experience

Useful for branded:

  • Business Development
  • B2B and B2C stakeholder presentations
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Tradeshows, events, booths

We might be the perfect match

Morse Graphic Design is the right fit for who?

Entrepreneurs and startups who want to make a splash bring to life a minimal viable product (MVP) for a new product or service.

Thought leaders who have an idea and a business goal and need a quick way to visualize the idea to demonstrate how it will serve their users.

Business Development professionals who want to get their stakeholders and clients exciting with dynamic mockups, renderings and visuals for their meeting.

Marketers who want to create clarity about how their offering is unique from the competition.

“Seldom do you come across a person who takes true OWNERSHIP of a responsibility as if it were his own. Alex took OWNERSHIP of my team’s project. It was a large project and he ran it cradle to grave, filling in many gaps in information that either we didn’t or weren’t able to provide. Alex is a start to finish guy.

His top decile skill in design vision, design leadership, design approach, brand building, empathy based design (couple with lots of research), customer communication, understanding end-market demographics, , psychographics, and needs, enabled him to set our company on an entirely new trajectory.

Customers, prospects, suppliers, and general visitors have been so complementary about our website, collateral, and brand assets. We owe every one of those compliments to Alex.

I would hire Alex full-time if we were at that scale and time in our business development. I will work with Alex again. Can’t recommend him enough.”

Steven Shallenberger

CEO, Rivotto

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