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Hey, real quick, let me grab a cup. It’s time for #unsolicitedbusinessadvice with Alex

Let’s chat Disney parks.

We want to strap on our mickey ears, slather on some sunblock and get back to those parks—in the safest way possible. We are going to have to define the new normal and what is acceptable to guests.

How can we make the guest experience a safer and positive one for the mental and physical well being of everyone, guests and cast members?

Ticket Sales:
The instinct might be to drop single day ticket prices. I say no, we have to manage the mob and preserve the value. Keep the single ticket value in place and just offer steeper discounts for 4-5 days stays than usual and steeper discounts on hotel stays. Offer more complimentary meal plans and incentives to stay on property.

Telling you right now, nobody is going to want to put their index finger on the grubby print scanner that has the sun tan lotion print of last person who touched it. We better find a quick and secure way to replace that scanner. Perhaps cast members can verbally confirm some data from the magic band scan.

I know you are not going to be able to sustain glove swapping between rifling through each guest’s bag. This is clearly the single point of contact that will increase the spread of viruses and is a non-started. I know you don’t want to bring in those TSA style scanners—it’s going to create the same contact issue. Beef up the touchless scanners and metal detectors. Do random selection bag searches for questionable bag scans.

I do see people continuing to short cut through the stores to get to their favorite attractions. But I don’t see anyone fondling the merch anytime soon—Let’s promote the heck out of online sales for those people who came to the parks but didn’t feel like stopping at the racks and touching things. Let’s send them some eblasts based on the experiences they had fast passes for.

Merchandising Opportunity:
Disney is going to have record handkerchief sales because they are going to have a whole line of them that people will gladly wear despite the heat. Maybe masks too if they can be done tastefully.

This is going to be a mess, but doable. The concentration of humans is so high in these tightly serpentining lines. Gone are the days of “would all guests kindly pack like sardines all the way to the right. Remove every other seat in a seating area. Durable, non slip character stickers every six feet.

Food Service:
Yes, do the six foot stickers on the ground. Have 3 or 4 lines converge onto one cast member taking your order to have less pinch points where guests are raising up their food trays over the heads of ordering guests and dropping French fries on them. Allow signage to encourage guests in line or pre line to do pick up ordering at a discount. Guests will want plexiglas style surrounds for cast members. Touch screen ordering kiosks are not going to feel safe to guests.

Beverage and condiment stations:
Eliminate them. Or replace water and fountain stations with foot pedal triggers.

Clean team staff:
Disney’s brand is already great at picking up garbage. Guests will be trilled to see the Disney Clean Team wiping down the rides hourly and sanitizing bag holders. UV light exposes carts and rides might be an exception.

Let’s get some of those foot door openers on their so people don’t have to grab the handle.

Sanitized toilet wraps and TV remotes. Television 30 minute looping promos to promote what staff is doing to keep you safe. Eblasts promoting the same thing.

Done, Disney parks can now open with guest confidence.

I’m not affiliated with Disney in any way. I’m a Disney fan and parks visitor who lives in Florida and does experience design for a living or at least I used to!